Ease-of-use paired with reliable results turn this device into an essential tool for professional phototesting.

A patient‘s Minimal Erythema Dose (MED) may vary thorough the year for several reasons. The MED-TESTER mini exposes the skin to a range of UV levels to determine the MED and maximum initial dose. With this the clinician can develop a precise therapy plan for each patient.

This allows the physician to develop an accurate treatment plan for each patient. The determined maximum starting dose can be used to optimize the entire therapy course and therapy success. At the same time, unwanted side effects can be reduced while the treatment dose remains effective. The photosensitivity test is therefore suitable for pre-planning UV home therapy applications.

The robust design, as well as the powerful UV light source, guarantee a long lifespan. The detachable attachment allows for easy, thorough, and quick cleaning.

Technical Details
Spectrum Variants MPD-Tester Mini (UVA), MED-Tester Mini (UVB 311nm Narrowband)
Voltage 100V - 230V, 50HZ
Power consumption 15W
460G (device) + 720g (plug)
Package Contents UV Testing Device with Integrated Timer, Diagnostic Attachment, UV Protection Glasses, User Manual, Device Certificate

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