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The effective 3-in-1 solution for modern photodynamic therapy (PDT).

With the certified PDT lamp TREVIOLUX you can choose between conventional photodynamic therapy, low-pain Compact Daylight PDT, or skin rejuvenation. Three treatment modes in a single compact device. Designing the right treatment is now faster and easier than ever.

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Our devices integrate cutting-edge technologies to deliver exceptional care, precise treatments, and a superior patient experience. These technologies exemplify our commitment to innovation and excellence.

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The TREVIOLUX combines three applications in a single device. Classic PDT, Compact-Daylight-PDT and Rejuvenation.

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High Mobility

The mobile and compact design offers several advantages for all types of healthcare facilities, such as improved access for patients with disabilities and simple integration into existing environments.

Higher Performance Leds

High-Performance LEDs

We use the latest generation of high-performance LEDs (max. 135.000 LUX) to reduce energy consumption while being safe and reliable.

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From our virtually pain-free Compact-Daylight-PDT and Soft-Start feature to the Pulse-Mode, we are committed to enhancing the patient experience.

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Certified Medical Devices

MEDLight GmbH is a renowned medical device manufacturer from Germany with a history spanning over six decades in the development and production of UV phototherapy and photodynamic therapy devices.

Our business operations are characterized by a deep commitment to quality and responsibility. We undergo continuous certifications and maintain a professional quality management system that adheres to the high European and German standards.

3-in-1 Therapy

The TREVIOLUX combines three applications in a single device. At a peak wavelength of 630 nm, the light penetrates deep and effectively into the tissue during irradiation.

Conventional PDT

Conventional photodynamic therapy (PDT) is an established method for the treatment of actinic keratoses and basal cell carcinoma, the two most common forms of non-melanoma skin cancer.

PDT is based on a well-established procedure in which a photosensitizer, typically methyl aminolevulinate (MAL), is applied topically. The drug binds selectively to the malignant cells. A special light is used to destroy the malignant cells without damaging the surrounding healthy tissue.

In addition to proven efficacy, the treatment offers excellent cosmetic results with minimal scarring. The proprietary Soft Start / Pulse modes can reduce the discomfort of the treatment. This can help patients with increased pain sensitivity.

Compact Daylight PDT

The Compact Daylight PDT is a unique, effective, and extremely beneficial approach to treatment. Inspired by the principles of the Daylight PDT. A controlled and virtually pain-free treatment - best suited for superficial actinic keratoses. Photodynamic therapy (PDT) with Methylaminolevulinate has been shown to be useful in the treatment of certain forms of non-melanocytic skin cancer. This modern method can be performed using both cold red light (cPDT) and daylight ("Daylight PDT"; DL-PDT).

We would like to introduce you to our approach: Compact Daylight PDT with the TREVIOLUX (Compact Daylight PDT) or Artificial Daylight PDT (ADL-PDT). In addition to conventional PDT, the TREVIOLUX also lets you perform Compact Daylight PDT all year round, regardless of the weather conditions and with little to no pain.


Skin rejuvenating effects of PDT for photoaged skin have been well-documented in several clinical trials. The rejuvenation mode simplifies the use of PDT for aesthetic applications.

Discover all features

The TREVIOLUX is a versatile and innovative device designed to cater to a wide range of applications. With a unique core design, a it delivers exceptional performance and reliability, making it a standout choice for PDT treatments.


The TREVIOLUX combines three applications in a single device. At a peak wavelength of 630 nm, the light penetrates deeply and effectively into the tissue during irradiation.


The intuitive touchscreen assists in the treatment process. Use the standardized treatment presets or freely adjust the dose and light output. Save frequently used settings for quick access. Treatment records are saved and can be reviewed.

Fully Adjustable

Quickly set up the best treatment position using the flexible treatment arm. The trifold treatment segments can be angled and perfectly match the shape of the treatment area.

High Mobility

Integrated wheels and its compact footprint make the device mobile. You can easily store or move the device between sessions. The mobile and compact design offers several advantages for all types of healthcare facilities, such as improved access for patients with disabilities and simple integration into existing environments.

High-Performance LEDs

The latest generation of high-performance LEDs reduce energy consumption while being safe and reliable. They are designed for over 65,000 hours of use. Special focus lenses ensure homogeneous an adjustable output of up to 90 mw/cm² (up to 135.000 LUX).

Large Treatment Area

The large and homogeneous illumination area of 300 cm² allows the exposure of large lesions in a single session.

Quality Materials

The housing is made from high-grade aluminum, durable, and easy to clean. Very little maintenance is needed to keep the hardware in excellent condition.


The Soft-Start function will gently increase the light output while maintaining the correct dosage. The patient has time to adjust, which makes the experience much more tolerable.


The optional Pulse-Mode can reduce discomfort for some patients by alternating the light intensity in an optimized pattern.

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The PDT device that offers the best of three worlds in one sleek device, providing top-tier PDT treatment.

  • PDT device with touchscreen and 3 treatment modes
  • Device certificate, medical measurement protocol, technical safety protocol
  • PDT user safety glasses, PDT patient safety glasses

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Technical Details
Spectrum 630 nm peak wavelength
Therapy Area 250mm x 120mm (300cm²)
Voltage 100V - 240V, 47Hz - 63HZ
Power consumption 145VA / 181W
102 cm - 182cm (Adjustable)
Ø 65cm
12,5 kg
Treatment Modes
  • PDT
  • Compact-Daylight PDT
  • Rejuvenation
Pain Management
Soft-Start, Pulse Mode
Operation Touchscreen Interface
Interface Customizable Quick Actions
Mobility Integrated wheels
Fully Adjustable
  • Treatment segments can be angled to the shape of the target area
  • Accurate light output configuration
  • Pneumatic height adjustment
  • Flexible treatment arm to get into any position

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Compact Daylight PDT, also known as Artificial Daylight PDT, is a form of photodynamic therapy that mimics the continuous light exposure of natural daylight.

Unlike conventional PDT, which can be painful, Compact Daylight PDT uses a longer duration of light at a lower intensity. This approach, when combined with a specific photosensitizer application, is designed to reduce the pain of the treatment. The lower-intensity light activates the photosensitizer over a longer period, which can be more tolerable for patients and result in less discomfort during the procedure.
The TREVIOLUX utilizes red light at a wavelength of 630 nm because this spectrum offers an ideal penetration depth for treating certain skin conditions. Red light can penetrate deeper into the skin compared to blue or green light, which makes it more effective for reaching and activating the photosensitizer in the target tissue. This deeper penetration is crucial for the effectiveness of the treatment, as it ensures that the therapeutic effects reach the intended depth within the skin.
The TREVIOLUX skin rejuvenation process uses red light to activate a photosensitizer applied to the skin. This activation leads to a series of photochemical reactions that can help repair and rejuvenate the skin. The treatment stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin, which are essential components for maintaining skin structure and elasticity. As a result, patients may experience a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging, resulting in a more youthful complexion.

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